Why Us?

Personalized Service

Complimentary Meet & Greet
Walk Updates
Text and photo after every walk
Individual and Small Group Walk Options
Max 3 dogs per walker
No minimum walk per week requirement


Pet First Aid Certified with Dogsafe
Insured and Bonded with Profur
On-Leash Walks
No dog parks*
Dogs are never left unattended
We will always bring your pup inside with us while picking up other dogs

Your Pup's Happiness

Positive Reinforcement Only
Smart Groupings
Only dogs with similar temperaments are grouped together
Walking Areas
We do our best to walk in nearby parks and on quiet streets
Healthy Treats
We only give our pups dried beef liver - with your permission of course!

*While our main focus is on-leash group walks, we do offer solo dog park trips only if specifically requested by owners